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Servicing and Support

When you order a multi function printer from PaperCopy you can rest assured of the best service and support.

All our machines are connected via the internet to our service headquarters.  Any service issue, whether a routine maintenance request or a paper jam is communicated to our service team - which is monitoring the condition of all of our machines in our fleet.

The most common type of service call we have now is a preventative maintenance call. We believe in adhering strictly to the manufacturer's preventative maintenance schedule to reduce the number of unplanned calls. These scheduled visits can be planned around your busiest work periods so the impact on your business is least.

And you won't need to worry about submitting meter readings or asking for toner either! Our machines are intelligent enough to supply us this data on an ongoing basis, and when you add a toner into a machine it tells us to replenish your stock - it's a simple as that.

What about reliability? Well, problems do occasionally occur, but happily we are able to prioritise these calls over our routine ones. We are confident in the reliability of our machines - if they were not our customers would ring us up and ask us to collect our machines.